Code Enforcement.Quality of Life Flyer

Code Enforcement Responsibilities:

The duty of code enforcement is to help protect against all nuisances and provide a certain quality of life for each and every citizen of the community, town, municipality, city, and county.  This protection or quality of life should be afforded to every person living within the city limits. Nuisances can affect the health, life, and safety of all citizens at any time during the year.


Code Enforcement is the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of environmental hazards in public and private premises by determining the presence of fire or health hazards, nuisance violations, unsafe building conditions, and violations of any fire, health, or building regulation, statute, or ordinance.

Code Enforcement Officer:

A Code Enforcement Officer is an agent of this state or a political subdivision of this state who engages in code enforcement and has one year or more of experience in the field of code enforcement. 

Code Enforcement Officer is licensed, trained, and experienced investigator employed by a city or county who specializes in the prevention, detection and enforcement of the violation of law. 

Code Enforcement Officer Resources:

International Property Maintenance Code 2015

International Building Code 2015

International Fire Code 2018

Local Ordinance

Health & Safety Codes

Texas Administrative Codes

Citizen Participation

Cooperation from our community and its citizens is greatly appreciated when it comes to keeping The City of Dickinson clean, safe, and beautiful. It is important to keep our community clean because it is a representation of its residents and surrounding businesses. Visitors should know that residents take pride in the appearance of their neighborhood because it is well kept.