Emergency Medical Services

PLEASE NOTE: The phone number and extensions for Dickinson EMS have changed.
​The new non-emergency phone number for Dickinson EMS is 281-534-3065

Dickinson Public Safety

With the adoption of the FY 2006 budget, the Mayor and City Council made Dickinson Public Safety the permanent emergency medical services provider for the city.

Changes Within Our Service

On October 1, 2013 Dickinson Public Safety changed names and became Dickinson Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Along with the change in name came a change in our structure and organization. 
With Dickinson EMS separating from the Fire Marshal's Office we became our own department within the city and now operate from our own budget which comes from the general fund. Dickinson EMS now solely focuses on providing emergency care and transport of the sick or injured citizens and visitors in the City of Dickinson, along with providing public health outreach and education.  

Emergency Response

In fiscal year 2013, Dickinson EMS responded to approximately 2200 emergency 911 calls for service. This shows a marked increase from the original 1600 calls annually in 2006.

Calls for service continue to increase for Dickinson EMS.  In fiscal year 2018, Dickinson EMS responded to approximately 2500 emergency 911 calls for service.

Response Area

Ambulances are staffed with paramedics 24 hours per day operating from the City of Dickinson Central Fire Station. The response area Dickinson EMS serves is approximately 15 square miles. This includes the City of Dickinson and surrounding unincorporated Galveston County.

See a Map of Our Coverage Area

Services/Training Offered

Dickinson EMS works to provide the highest quality of emergency services for the community. Below are a few of the programs that Dickinson EMS offers:

  • Vial of LIFE Program
  • Community CPR Classes
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Community Health Education 
  • Stop the Bleed Training

Ambulance Billing Inquiries

Please contact Emergicon at 1-877-602-2060 OR Pay Your Bill Online by Clicking Here
***Please Note: No EMS Payment(s) will be accepted at any city building.***  

EMS Open Records Requests

All open records requests are now processed online through the Public Portal. Please be advised that due to HIPAA federal regulations, all requests involving protected health information require a completed and signed patient release to be uploaded with any request not made by the patient in the record(s).

Dickinson EMS Fleet 2014

DEMS Fleet Update