Capital Improvement Program

About the Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a fiscal plan or a schedule for financing public improvements over a period of time for major capital expenditures. This schedule balances the community’s need for public improvements with its ability to finance these improvements. The schedule spreads these improvements over a number of years in order to stabilize expenditures and to avoid any sharp fluctuations in the city’s property tax rate.

The Capital Project Fund accounts for financial resources used for the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities and projects such as buildings, streets, drainage improvements, and parks over a considerable amount of time.

CIP Documents


Current Street Projects

The City of Dickinson levies a 1/4 cent Street Maintenance Sales Tax that was approved by the voters in May of 2011 (and reapproved by voters in May, 2015) to fund numerous street projects. The following Street Maintenance Sales Tax projects are currently in progress:

 Location  Area  Status
 Luhning City Limits to Dead End FY 2018-2019
 Iowa (42nd Street to 43rd Street) FY 2018-2019
 Texas Avenue South of FM  517 FY 2018-2019
 Falco 1320 Linear Feet FY 2018-2019
 Georgia Avenue 450 Linear Feet FY 2018-2019
 Nevada Street South of FM 517 FY 2018-2019
 Ave F From Deats Road to 25th Street FY 2018-2019
 Salvato Street Hill to Hwy 3 FY 2017-2018
 45th Street West Of Hwy 3 FY 2017-2018
 Ave F From 20th Street to 25th Street FY 2017-2018
 32nd Street East 2950 Linear Feet FY 2017-2018
 Utah Street 450 Linear Feet to the Dead End FY 2017-2018
 Winding Way California to California Design Complete
 Pine Lane 560 Linear Feet 90% Complete
 Timber Lane 400 Linear Feet 90% Complete
 Chicago Street Hill to Hwy 3 Completed
 Holly Drive From Hwy 3 to Timber Drive 90% Complete
 Woodlawn 720 Linear Feet Design Complete
 Benson Street FM1266 to Nichols 90% Complete
Pine Oak Circle
FM 646 to end of the street
Completed 8/5/2016
48th St
West of Hwy 3
Avenue L
North of 2nd Street
Dakota St. South of FM 517
 Desel Dr
North of Hughes Rd
 MLK / Ave C
South of Salvato
 28th Street Hwy 3 to Timber Drive  Completed 10/15/2016 
 33rd Street East of Kansas Ave to California Ave  Completed 7/15/2016
 48th Street East of Hwy 3 to Nebraska Completed 3/20/2016
Greenbriar Street Sunset to Oakridge Drive Completed 10/30/2016
 Oleander Drive West of Palm to the Bridge Completed 8/30/2016
 Leonetti Lane Country Club to Linninger Lane Completed 8/9/2016
 Pin Oak Circle Pine Oak Circle Drive to dead end Completed 8/5/2016
 Hollywood  Hwy 3 to Timber Completed 11/18/2016
 Mariner's Way Yacht Club Drive to Commodore Completed 10/30/2016
 Johnson Street From Dead End to Dead End Completed 9/22/2016
 35th Street  East of Kansas to California Completed 11/18/2016
 Nebraska 46th Street to dead end Completed 7/24/2016
 Gill Road Rodeo Bend to Bess Road Completed 8/5/2016