Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is under the command of Captain Melvin Mason.

C.I.D. is a specialized unit within the Dickinson Police Department that deals with all aspects of crimes and criminal intelligence. C.I.D. receives reports from the Patrol Division on a daily basis and all reports are reviewed for solvability factors.

Every report is reviewed, logged, and disseminated to the proper detective for follow up. All assignments are reviewed, then given out for follow up by the C.I.D. supervisor or his designee. C.I.D. is divided into several different sections all of which require unique and specialized training.

Because of the vast experience of the current C.I.D personnel, citizens of Dickinson have a dynamic investigative group second to none.


CID Operations

  • Major Crimes - All crimes which are serious in nature such as murder, rape, robbery, assaults with weapons, etc
  • Property Crimes - All crimes against property, this includes burglary, general thefts and motor vehicle crimes.
  • Auto Theft - Crimes related to auto-related crimes
  • Fraud / I.D. - All crimes involving the use of fraudulent materials to obtain money or services by deception; Identification (I.D.) includes the forensic science of recovering physical evidence to link a person to a crime
  • Crimes Against Persons -  All crimes against persons (adult or children), which involve homicide, sexual abuse, assaults, injuries, kidnapping, etc.
  • Vice / Narcotics - Crimes related to gambling / prostitution and narcotic trafficking
C.I.D. is also responsible for all special or covert operations involving officers in the City of Dickinson. All covert operations must meet minimum operations criteria before being approved and signed off by the C.I.D. supervisor.

In addition to criminal investigations, the C.I.D. Commander is also responsible for the management of the Information Technology operations in the Police Department as it relates to the 800mHz radio system equipment and the law enforcement CAD/RMS software.

CID Staff

Access the staff directory to see details on those serving in this division.