Home Security Inspection

The Dickinson Police Department offers to all citizens a home/ business inspection at no cost and conducted by certified Home Safety Inspectors and certified Crime Prevention Specialists. The process is normally conducted in two sessions with the first being a physical examination of windows, doors, garages, lighting and security systems to determine what meets standard insurance codes and what may need to be added/ modified. The second session verifies the modifications and a certificate issued. While the State of Texas no longer supports the requirements outlined in the Texas Insurance Code Article 5.33A, section 6(a)(1)(2), many insurance companies continue to offer discounts on homes and businesses that meet the standards. Home owners must check with their individual insurance carriers to see if a discount will be offered.

Contact the Dickinson Police Department (281-337-6370) for a list of all suggested requirements and specifications on home security hardware and alarm systems. Note: the Alarm inspection is separate from the Home Security inspection.

Some insurance companies are participating in an optional Property Identification Theft Reduction Program that can also be used for an additional premium reduction.