New Residents

The City of Dickinson is located along Dickinson Bayou between Houston and Galveston.  If you are new to the area you should be made aware of the fact that just because you have a Dickinson address does not mean that you reside in the incorporated limits of the City of Dickinson. You may have a Dickinson mailing address and live in the City of League City or the City of Texas City.  You may also live in an unincorporated area of Galveston County.  

City Limits

You may check the city map to determine if you live in the city: Map of Dickinson. To check for a particular address, you can conduct a property search on the Galveston County Appraisal District's website. If you are in the incorporated limits of Dickinson, under parcel information you will see a designation for C36 (Dickinson City). 

In addition to the City of Dickinson, all residents live within other taxing entities. These include schools, water, flood, roads, and the County of Galveston.


The majority of the city of Dickinson is in the Dickinson Independent School District, home to the Dickinson High School Gators.

Dickinson residents living south of Dickinson Bayou and west of IH45 are in the Santa Fe Independent School District, home to the Santa Fe Indians.  The schools in Santa Fe ISD are all located in the City of Santa Fe.  

Dickinson is also home to several excellent private schools including Pine Drive Christian School, Shrine of True Cross School, and Bay Area Charter Middle School.

Water & Sewer

The majority of the City of Dickinson is served by the Water Control & Improvement District No. 1. They may be contacted at 281-337-1576.

The area of the city south of Dickinson Bayou and west of IH45 is outside of the water district.  Water and Sewer in this area is provided by private wells and septic systems.  For more information on the rules and regulations for these systems contact the Galveston County Health District Consumer Services at 409-938-2411.

Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Collection

Ameriwaste is the exclusive solid waste provider for residents and businesses in the City of Dickinson. New residents should contact WCID #1 to establish service; please call or email the District at (281) 534-8344 or SolidWaste@Wcid1.Com. 
Learn more about collections, including pricing and collection days, by clicking here.

Housing Assistance

Southeast Texas Housing Finance Corporation (SETH) 2006A Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bond Program

This program is designed to help low-to-moderate income home-buyers purchase a home. Available to buyers who meet normal mortgage underwriting requirements is down payment and closing cost assistance in the form a 10-year, amortizing second lien mortgage loan. The second mortgage cannot exceed 8% of the first mortgage and be no less than $500.

All mortgages are fixed rate 30-year loans.