Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are forms produced by FEMA used to rate a structure for flood insurance purposes. They are also needed by the City of Dickinson's Community Development Department to verify that a structure has been built in compliance with the City's floodplain ordinance and other regulations. The City requires Elevation Certificates for development (including structures to be developed in Shaded X Zone, also known as 500-year floodplain or Unshaded X Zone, or not in the floodplain) at three separate stages:

  • Submitted with construction drawings
  • Submitted once structure is under construction
  • Submitted once structure has finished construction

Elevation Certificates should be submitted to one of the inspectors during the appropriate inspection process or to the Community Development Department at City Hall. Anyone interested in knowing if the City of Dickinson has a copy of an Elevation Certificate for your property please click here.