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Article 45.0445 of the Code of Criminal Procedure requires a justice or judge to hold a hearing to determine whether a judgment imposes an undue hardship on the defendant if the defendant gives notice that they have difficulty paying the fine and costs in compliance with the judgment. If you are a defendant that has an outstanding balance with the Dickinson Municipal Court and would like to speak to the judge of the court to reconsider your case the following requirements are required:

  • The defendant must request for the Reconsideration Hearing in person at Dickinson City Hall located at 4403 Hwy 3 during office hours. The Municipal Court of Record business hours are as follows:       Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Friday from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon.
  • The defendant will be required to fill out a Reconsideration application if approved, court staff will assign the defendant his/her hearing. The application is required to be filled out in its entirety including 2 references not related to you, the application will be subject to review and all telephone numbers and address will be verified prior to approval. Defendants will need to allow 1‐2 hours for the process to obtain the Reconsideration Hearing.
  • If the defendant has any questions, he or she need to contact the Municipal Court of Record for the City of Dickinson, Texas at 281‐337‐6297. para-Español Habla 281 337-6266.
  • To obtain a copy of the Reconsideration Application you may appear in person or click the following link:  Reconsideration Application 
  •  You may email a copy of the application along with a copy of your photo ID to once you are approved you will need to appear in person to sign for your Reconsideration hearing. 

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How to Obtain a Reconsideration

Reconsideration Application