Long Range Planning

Long-range planning plays a vital role in the future development of the City by providing the opportunity for the City, in partnership with its citizens, to shape the neighborhoods where we live, work or own property through consideration of land use, zoning, transportation, and urban design. The Planning & Zoning Division guides the growth of the city by means of the policies set forth in the Comprehensive Plan and other master plans.

Research and analysis are performed to assist the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission in developing policy collecting data, and studying trends to develop area plans and other special studies to implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The following are long range planning efforts in the City of Dickinson:


Comprehensive Plan 2045 - Ordinance 1026-2023:

Downtown Master Plan

Economic Impact Model

Mobility Projects Summary

Parks Trails and Recreation Master Plan - Ordinance 1034-2023 

Unified Development Code (UDC) Ordinance Update

Economic Development Strategic Plan