Charting Our Course to 2045

Dickinson by DesignCharting Our Course to 2045 | Why Citizen Input is the Key to the City's Comprehensive Planning Process

As the City of Dickinson takes an in-depth look at how to plan what the future of Dickinson might look like in 20 years, community input will play a key role in helping us chart our course to 2045. 

Dickinson by Design, the City's comprehensive plan will become a living document that guides decision-making for future growth and development in the City and it would not be complete without hearing from key stakeholders in our community like YOU.

Throughout the planning process, the City will solicit public input and feedback over the next several months through a series of robust public engagement opportunities and a community survey. 

Community Survey will be Available Online Monday, February 28th

The community survey will ask residents a series of 27 questions that will capture citizen input regarding what types of development they would like to see, how important certain city services and amenities are to them, and demographic information that will allow us to compile detailed reports that will all be made available to the community after its completion.  

The survey will be available online at There will also be numerous QR codes placed strategically throughout the City encouraging citizen input and several express surveys will be conducted at public events.

Comprehensive Planning Retreat Held February 26th

The City & HAFF & Associates conducted a productive and engaging off-site joint meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, the Planning & Zoning Committee, the Dickinson Economic Development Corporation, the future Youth Advisory Committee, and City Council to discuss the initial findings of the "Existing City" and what the group consensus would be for the "Future City". All documents discussed during the meeting will be made available on our website at  

Dickinson by Design Open House on City Hall Square Thursday, March 3rd from 6-8 pm

The City will offer a public open house to help us chart our course to 2045 as a community. We will have live music by Obsolete August and Outriggers Fish Taco Truck will be serving up dinner for community members willing to walk the plank and fill out the community survey. There will also be opportunities to contribute to our time capsule that will be buried on City Hall grounds to be opened in 2045. Join us for a fun evening under the stars from 6-8 pm. Should rain bring us inside we will adjust course and head into the library for the fun.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document that consists of several interrelated chapters, or elements, which analyze and provide recommendations for a municipality’s future land use, transportation, housing and neighborhoods, parks, infrastructure, and economic development-related issues, challenges, and opportunities.  The Comprehensive Plan addresses growth pressures in the city, future utility needs, preservation of community character and natural resources, economic growth, and quality of life initiatives. 

Follow Along As We Chart Our Course to 2045 Together

The City will ensure that the comprehensive plan is communicated through a transparent and open process by posting all relevant information on the City's website and social media. To stay informed about the Comprehensive Plan and all that the City of Dickinson is doing to promote a wholesome and vibrant community for all residents and businesses, please visit our website at and look for the Comprehensive Plan link on the homepage or visit

To contact staff directly with any questions, comments, or concerns you can email Jaree Hefner, Director of Communications at or by cell at 409-218-1410 and your questions or comments will be answered or relayed to appropriate staff as we work together through this process.

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