CDBG-DR Buyout/Acquisition Housing Program

The City of Dickinson received an allocation of $9,219,828 through the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) MOD. This money will be used as the sole funding source for the City’s voluntary Buyout and Acquisition program. This program will offer buyouts and acquisitions to property owners in eligible areas of the City who suffered real property damage during Hurricane Harvey. Per HUD requirements, 70% of the allocation’s project costs will be spent serving low-to-moderate income households. Property owners must be able to prove direct or indirect impact from Harvey to be considered eligible. All offers to purchase made through this program are capped at the FHA lending limit in Dickinson, Galveston County3, which is $331,760.00 for a single-family home or $424,800.00 for a two-family home.

It is the intent of the City of Dickinson to utilize this funding opportunity to help our citizens who cannot otherwise afford to move out of harm’s way, the opportunity to relocate to an area that is safer for them and their families as well as provide future mitigation alternatives. With approximately 85 property parcels that lay within the floodway and floodplains of the City of Dickinson, buying out homes or acquiring property that have been repetitively damaged in flood events over the years, including Hurricanes Ike and Harvey, will allow land to either be redeveloped or returned to a green state to regain its ability to absorb and slow floodwaters, thereby helping to mitigate flood damage to remaining structures in the future. Additionally, properties acquired for future development and/or mitigation will allow new and safer housing opportunities for citizens. 

In doing this, we lessen our burden on our nation to continuously provide disaster relief; and lessen the dangers our first responders must endure when they are called upon to rescue those in harm’s way.

Area Maps

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Program Highlights

Goal of the Program:

  • Provide high quality, durable, resilient, mold resistant, energy efficient, decent, safe, and sanitary housing that mitigates impact from future disasters. 
  • Prioritize households in which members are under the age of 18, female heads of household, elderly and disabled households, and/or Veteran populations while affirmatively furthering fair housing. 
  • Emphasize housing choices and designs to reduce maintenance and insurance costs, as well as provide the provision of independent living options. 
  • Target regions which have the greatest opportunity for redevelopment activity and/or flood mitigation improvements. 

Residents will need:
  • Photographs of property damage
  • FEMA assistance
  • Homeowners insurance claims
  • Flood insurance claims
  • Adjuster reports
  • SBA documentation
  • Written report of damage by certified inspector
Property Requirements:
  • Located in City of Dickinson’s jurisdiction
  • Located in one of the designated floodway or floodplain areas
  • Have been damaged by Hurricane Harvey
  • Must be an eligible property/structure (discussed further below)
  • A buyout or acquisition must be the most beneficial solution to the property’s flooding problem
  • The property is strategically located for potential or future flood damage reduction projects and/or floodplain preservation.
Eligible Structure Types
  • Single family property (detached and attached 1-4 units)
  • Condominium unit
  • Cooperative unit
  • Modular home/Manufactured home
In order to qualify, all of the following must pertain to the homeowner/applicant:
  • Homeowner must have clear title to the property
  • Homeowner must be current on property taxes, on an approved payment plan or be awarded a tax deferral as allowed under Section 33.06 of the Texas Tax Code.
  • Homeowner must be current on child support payments or have an accepted plan for payment. A copy of the payment plan signed by all applicable parties along with documentation demonstrating that they are current on their payment plan must be supplied.
  • The Applicant may only submit their principal residence for participation in the City’s buyout and acquisition program.
  • Homeowner must agree to move to an area with reduced risk of flood
  • The buyout or acquisition may be a result of environmental review restrictions in which the environmental review deems the property not eligible for other rehabilitation or reconstruction assistance.
  • NFIP Check – the City will review applications to determine if prior assistance was received on the home and if the homeowner met flood insurance requirements (if applicable). 

Expected Timeline of Program

CDBG-DR Buyout and Aquisition Program

Public Comment FAQ

Is this program available to those who purchased their home after Hurricane Harvey?

No. The section titled “Buyout Applicants Who Purchased the Property After the Date of Disaster” on Page 26 of the City of Dickinson’s Housing Guidelines reads “Individuals that purchased a flood impacted home after the date of disaster are not eligible for assistance under this program”.

What is the difference between buyout and acquisition?

Buyout programs are intended for removing residents out of the floodplains and floodways, and property purchased by the City through this program will remain greenspace in perpetuity.  Acquisition allows the City to purchase property and redevelop the land subject to Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery specifications and other federal requirements.  The Texas General Land Office provides information in greater detail on the difference between buyout and acquisition if you are interested in learning more.

If I opt for buyout but majority of neighbors do not, does that affect my chances of being chosen?

No. Your application is not impacted by your neighbors’ decision to participate or not participate in this program.