Code Enforcement Priorities

City of Dickinson Code Enforcement Priorities

  • High Grass, Weeds and Noxious Weeds Over 48”
  • The accumulation of Rubbish and/or Trash on Properties
  • Abatement and or Removal of Dilapidated Structures
  • Junk Storage 
  • Permit Violations 
  • Property Maintenance 
  • Signage Violations
  • Right-of-Way Violations
  • Zoning Violation
  • Pool Violations
  • Public Nuisance 


Priority Tier:

    Priority 1: Imminent Danger/Life-Safety- Things that can cause immediate harm to life and property.

  • Dangerous unsecured building collapsing and or occupied dangerous structure(s)
  • Dangerous High Grass/Weeds over 48”
  • Person(s) living in building(s) without water, sewer, and power
  • Open, vacant, unsecured building(s)
  • Open unsecured fire
  • Other imminent danger to be determined by the Code Enforcement Officer
    Priority 2: High Risk Hazards/Land Use/Time Sensitive
  • Illegal dumping
  • Unsecured appliances left out in the open
  • Potentially Dangerous Nuisances
  • Unsecured/Accessible swimming pool
  • Prohibited Use/Zoning Violations
  • Working without permit(s)
  • Other High-Risk Hazards determined by the Code Enforcement Officer
    Priority 3: Property Maintenance/Use
  • High Grass/Weeds over 12”
  • Fencing/Screening
  • Junked Vessels & Vehicles
  • Standing water
  • Trash, Rubbish, Debris
  • Other Property Maintenance violations determined by the Code Enforcement Officer