The Goodman Corp Safe Routes to School Proposal

Goodman Corp Proposes Ambitious Mobility Network Projects to Transform Dickinson 

Dickinson, Texas - Goodman Corp, a leading civil engineering and planning firm, has proposed a series of innovative projects that will create mobility networks that are safe and connected for all roadway users, enhance travel within Dickinson to be more convenient and reliable by eliminating barriers, establish Dickinson as an active lifestyle city where residents' daily activities are accessible without the need to always drive, and improve mobility networks that can improve the quality of life and thriving economy in all communities in Dickinson. 

The proposed projects are categorized into three categories - Safety, Connectivity, and Accessibility. Under Safety, the projects include a Safe Routes to School Project centered around Dickinson High School, a Safe Routes to School Project along California Ave & 34th, a Safe Routes to School Project along Hughes Road, and a connecting community loop. A complete reconstruction of Dickinson Ave into a complete street that prioritizes the safety and comfort of pedestrians and bicyclists that will provide safe access between high-density residential areas, Jake Silbernagel Elementary School, and various commercial establishments. 

Creating neighborhood connections and pedestrian trails along both east and west of Hwy 3 and a connection to the Emancipation trail.

The Connectivity projects include routes along FM 517 and Owns Dr, FM 517 and Meadow Glen Dr, Baker Dr, California Ave, 34th St, Hughes Road, Deats Road, Sunset Dr, Timber Dr, Frostwood Cir, Inwood Dr, Texas Ave, Colorado Ave, 23rd St, 25th St, 27th St, 30th St, Ave G, 22nd St, 28th St, HWY 3, Martin Luther King Ave, and a shared use path. 

Finally, the Accessibility projects aim to establish an off-street connection between the residential area and two key locations - Dickinson High School and Ray Holbrook Park. To achieve this, a new shared-use path has been introduced, which has paved the way for a new walk and bikeway that runs in a west-east direction. This project is estimated to cost $1.95 million. 

In total, the proposed projects are expected to cost $105.58 million, and Goodman Corp has submitted one of them to the Transportation Alternative funding opportunity and will begin to pursue grant funding for the remainder of them after convening stakeholders, engaging the public, and provide a final report that would be brought before Council for approval. 

The projects are expected to create safer roadways for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, eliminate barriers to travel within Dickinson, and establish the city as a hub for an active lifestyle. These projects will improve the quality of life for all communities in Dickinson and contribute to the city's thriving economy. 

“The City has to prioritize these projects to create safer routes to school for our children and a safer pedestrian and mobility network for our residents who need it,” said Mayor Sean Skipworth. “With grant funding available for these efforts, it only makes sense to pursue them and help offset the cost to our taxpayers while providing an improved quality of life for all.”

The City partnered with Goodman Corp because of their commitment to creating sustainable solutions that enhance the well-being of communities. With their extensive experience and expertise, they are confident these proposed projects will transform Dickinson and exemplify best practices for mobility network projects.

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