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Posted on: April 12, 2022

Bayou Animal Services Launches STAR Program with First Heart-warming Case

Bayou Animal Services (BAS) is announcing a new lifesaving program to help homeless animals in need.  The program is called STAR which stands for Special Treatment and Recovery.  Often, BAS rescues animals who are seriously injured or ill.  The STAR Program, which will be funded by donations and grants, ensures BAS will always have the funds it needs to care for these suffering animals.  

"The mission of Bayou Animal Services is to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of pets and people," said Animal Services Director, Ed Bokes. "The STAR program will help us to further our mission by ensuring that special cases, like Queen, will have the care they need." 


BAS' first STAR Animal was rescued yesterday morning on April 11th. While headed to the shelter, BAS Director of Operations, Kathyrn Ketchum, observed a dog in distress dangerously running in traffic on Deats Road in Dickinson.  This female Portuguese Water Dog mix shows signs of having been neglected over a long period of time.  Queen was terribly matted when rescued and visibly uncomfortable.  BAS staff immediately tended to her many needs, including vaccinating, grooming, and bathing and she quickly came out of her shell. She thoroughly enjoyed having her skin rubbed after removing the mounds of matted hair.  She has a very sweet disposition and is on her way to recovery. 

"If we can all learn anything from Queen's situation, it is to remind those who would like to adopt breeds with similar grooming needs that this is the reality of what happens to them if you chose not to get them groomed properly," said Kathryn. "While the owner’s intentions were to love their new dog, you can see they were unable to keep up with her grooming and it almost cost Queen her life."


If you recognize Queen and know her owner, please contact the staff at Bayou Animal Services at 281-337-3117.  

If you would like to make a lifesaving, tax deductible donation to help the many STAR animals the shelter rescues each year, please visit and write "STAR Program" on the donation - or mail your donation to Bayou Animal Services, 3100 Deats Road, Dickinson TX 77539.  

Notating "STAR Program" on your donation ensures the funds will be used to care for the medical and behavioral needs of our community's homeless animals.

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